Drops of Cerulean

The debut novel from Dawn Adams Cole

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About the Author

Dawn Adams Cole

Dawn Adams Cole was born and raised in Houston. She received her BA from the University of St. Thomas and her MEd from Harvard University. Dawn wrote Drops of Cerulean while serving as a high school teacher and administrator. She hopes to create thought-provoking literary fiction that challenges readers to live deeply and appreciate interconnectedness. She lives in The Heights with her husband, Burton, and her daughters, Caroline and Elizabeth.

About the Book

Drops of Cerulean
A story of love, loss, and rebirth

Spanning the years 1930-2014, Drops of Cerulean chronicles the lives of Ilona, the daughter of a Greek restaurateur, who marries into a prominent Houston family; her son, Cadmus, who becomes a professor and then moves into a retirement home after his husband passes away; and Delphina, an anxiety-ridden woman with a mysterious recurring dream.

Ilona and Cadmus have a falling out when Cadmus is a young man, and before they are able to reconcile, Ilona dies. Cadmus is plagued with guilt and feels responsible for the death of his mother. Two worlds collide when, years later, Delphina comes to understand that she had been Ilona, Cadmus’s mother, in her previous life. Well written and engaging, Drops of Cerulean deals with topics such as socioeconomic class, LGBT rights and acceptance, rebirth, and past-life regression.

Set in Houston and revolving around the city’s ever-changing skyline, Drops of Cerulean is an amazing debut from a gifted writer.


Enjoy the Historic Houston Heights! Drops of Cerulean is available on 19th Street at Bespoke and The Lift.

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Drops of Cerulean was written as a love letter to Houston and to days past in Houston. Born and raised as a Houstonian, Dawn is committed to supporting organizations that promote belonging and interconnectedness. Explore the links below and discover how you can make a difference.

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